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Your Internet Provider
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Your IP address is

    1. Double-Click " My Computer ".
    2. Double-Click on "Dial Up Networking" icon.
    3. Double-Click on "Make New Connection".
    4. Type "MyWeb.Net" into the top box, then click "Next".
    5. Enter 7134358004 in " Telephone Number" box only.
    6. Click "Next" button, then click the "Finish" button.
    7. Right-click on MyWeb.Net icon then click on "Properties".
    8. Remove check mark from "Use Country code and Area Code / Dialing Properties".
    9. Click the "Server Types" tab (at the top).
    10. Remove check marks on all boxes, except "Enable Software Compression & TCP/IP".
    11. Click the "Ok".
    12. Click "X" at the top right corner to close "Dial Up Networking".
    13 Click Start -> Settings -> Control Panel, then double-click on the "Internet Options".
    14. Click the "Connection" Tab (at the top), make sure Myweb.Net is set as default, if not highlight it and click "Set as Default".
    15. Place a check in the "Always Dial My Default Connection" box.
    16. Press the "Settings" button to the right hand site and find the "Dialup Settings" area.
    17. Type in your email address ; it must be ALL LOWER CASE, into the "Username" box and then your supplied password into the "Password" box.
    18. Type "" into the "Domain" box and click "OK" for each screen that appears until the "Control Panel" returns, then close the Control Panel.
    19. Double-click on "Internet Explorer" ,the blue E with arrows icon or "Netscape Communicator" , the lighthouse icon.
    20. When the "Connect To" window comes up, enter your user name and password if not already present.
    21. User name must be ALL LOWER CASE. Your password is case-sensitive.
    22. Click the "Connect" button.
    23. Enjoy Yourself !

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