How to Make Your Own Web Page

Making your own web page is fun and pretty simple if you take the time to learn how it works.  If you are making a page from scratch, follow these instructions.

1. Open Netscape Composer, Front Page Express, or the HTML editing program of your choice.


2. The page editor will open, much like a word processor.  You can then add text, graphics, and links.

3. Once you are satisfied with your page, you will need to save it as "index.html".

4. You will then need to publish it.  We suggest you direct your browser to, and download the latest version of Cute FTP.  Download Now!

5. Once downloaded and installed on your machine, use the HOST ADDRESS of, with your user name and password to send your web page into the public_html directory.  Be sure to also send any image files (jpg, gif) that you used in your web page.

6. If you run into problems, call us or come by for ourfree internet class. We're always glad to help.

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