E-mail Tutorial

Mail to: This is the email address. All of email addresses must be in lower case. If uppercase is used, it is probable that the email will not be received by the person or company for whom it was intended, may or may not be returned to you as undeliverable.

Cc: This is known as the "Carbon Copy." Enter additional email addresses you wish to receive a copy without having to create the same letter again.

Subject: This chould be a short desciption of the topic of the letter. This will grab the receiver's attention.

Attachment: The attachment line is for sending a file to the receiver with the message. The larger the file you send, the longer it will take to send and receive the message. You can also attach URL, or websites or addresses. For example you could use "http://www.myweb.net" as a URL attachment. You can also send more than one attachment at a time.

Message Area: This is the area that the message you want them to read will be typed. The message can be as long as you wish. Text is quickly transfered over the internet.

Send: Once you have completed your message and/or attached files, simply press the send button at the top of the window. The message will be sent to them. The entire process takes only a few seconds, prvided there are no attached files.
NOTE: Please remember that your email program may only place your new letter into the OUTBOX and wait for you to SEND/RECEIVE NEW MESSAGES.

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